NY and Company Credit Card


If you are into the chic designer clothing offerings made by NY & Company then you should definitely take a look into being a holder of your own NY and Company Credit Card. Yes, we already know that NY & Company offers some really awesome buy one get one half off deals and so many other great specials. Just imagine though how much more you could be saving if the sales went from being 50% to 70 or 75% off just because it's your birthday? Also with no annual fees the only thing you will need to do is pay your very cheap monthly bill on time and all will be well with your shopping world as far as the NY & Company would be concerned.

They have two levels of their card that you can choose from to sign up. Both of them actually offer all the same things in terms of APR and annual fees and such. The only visible difference is that they will give you $20 instead of $10 for rewards every time you spend $200 if you are using their NY and Company Credit Card-Platinum card versus their NY and Company Credit Card-Black card. The other difference in their cards is that they will give you an extra 25% off instead of 20% for your birthday if you use the NY & Company Credit Card-Platinum. You also get free shipping but you must make a purchase of $125 to qualify for the free shipping. The free shipping option qualifies for both cards as well.

Actually, with the NY & Company Credit Card it's more like you actually start with the NY & Company Credit Card-Black and then work your way up to the NY & Company Credit Card-Platinum status. In order to get to the Platinum status you have to spend at least $400 within one year as well as keep you account in good standing which means you must be prompt with paying your bills with the NY & Company Credit Card. Also, to keep up the status of platinum, you have o continue to spend at least $400 per year or else your platinum status is revoked. The part of them possibly revoking your platinum status is a bit crazy. However, they do offer some very great deals which should make shopping with them very easy to keep up even a platinum status every year.

It's still really awesome to see a store like NY & Company come out with their NY & Company Credit Card and find their own way to be competitive in the retail store industry. They already have very chic items at a very cheap price so it's very understandable how many of even the shoppers who don't shop as often would want to still go ahead and get their very own NY & Company Credit Card. Check it out and see what you think about the NY & Company Credit Card. It could very well be the best bet when it comes to finding some really nice women’s clothing that is not only cute but doesn’t break the bank when you use your NY & Company Credit Card.